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Portuguese-English Vocabulary

Portuguese Words with English translation and multiple choice quizzes.

Basic Portuguese Vocabulary

Portuguese Alphabet - Quiz Learn Portuguese alphabet and how Portuguese letters are pronounced in English. Portuguese alphabet or “Alfabeto” consists of 23 letters. Letters K, W and Y are missing from the Portuguese alphabet.

Basic Portuguese Vocabulary - Quiz Words for: Weather, People, Home, Animals and Food. To begin, you may edit the quiz and select only one of the subgroups for practice.

Basic Adjectives in Portuguese - Quiz Portuguese Vocabulary. Quiz. Words for Colors, Sizes, Shapes, Tastes, Qualities and Quantities

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1000 Most Common Portuguese Words

Multiple choice Quizzes on most frequently used Portuguese Words. Listed alphabetically, grouped into 3 lists

Most Common Portuguese Words List and Quiz #1 350 words

Common Portuguese Words Quiz #2 350 words

Common Portuguese Words Quiz #3 300 + words

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