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Have you ever needed to learn a set of terms with definitions, list of answers and questions, foreign vocabulary, true/false or other flashcards type of data in a fast manner?

Instead of creating flashcards, use QuizMarks.com to create online, multiple choice quiz literally in seconds. Simply type or copy/paste(from a web page) your list of words, preview it and start practice.

To complete the quiz, all questions need to be answered correctly. The more errors you make – the more time you spend practicing.

To create a quiz and practice you do not need to create an account and login. The quiz that you create is available as long as your browser is open. Note that you can keep quiz content on your local device and always recreate it at QuizMarks.com
If you wish to create an online quiz that could be used by others, you will need to login and save that quiz. It will create public link to the quiz that you can access from other device or share with people.

Simple rules to remember when creating quiz:
* Each question/answer (or term/definition) is separated by a new line.
* Within a line, the question is separated from the answer by empty space (as default). If your question contains more than one word(which means it contains spaces) - use pipe character | as a separator between question and answer.

To create simple quiz:
* Have at least two lines, each containing answer and question, separated by space or by pipe character |
* Make sure that overall, there are at least two unique questions and two unique answers.

To start, please look at simple quizzes below. Load any of them and use as template to create your quiz.