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Arabic-English Vocabulary

Each vocabulary list has a quiz to help memorize translation. Note that you can edit quiz text and leave only those topics you want to be quizzed on. After completing the quiz, use [Undo] button on Edit screen to get original quiz questions back.

Basic Vocabulary

Arabic Numbers Ordinal and Cardinal

Body Parts in Arabic

Basic Arabic Vocabulary Days, Time, Colors, Nature, People, Weather words

Parts of Speach

Adjectives Shapes, Sizes, Tastes, Qualities, Quantities

Pronouns List of Arabic Pronouns with examples of pronoun in a sentence.

Adverbs Adverbs of time, Adverbs of place, Adverbs of manner, Adverbs of frequency

Verbs Examples of Arabic Verbs usage in the present past and future.

Verbs Practice List of the conjugated Arabic Verbs in the present past and future.

Source http://mylanguages.org/

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